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Features of Assisted Living in Omaha NE With the Potential to Reduce Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

It may be difficult for the adult child of a parent with Alzheimer’s disease to imagine, but moving to a community for Assisted Living in Omaha NE can improve the patient’s symptoms and provide a significantly better quality of life. The parent may want very much to continue living at home, and the adult children want to do what’s best. They may consider the reasons why an assisted living community with a memory care unit is the best option.

Better Nutrition

Unless someone is preparing each meal for the Alzheimer’s patient at home, it’s likely that this individual is not eating in as healthy a manner as he or she should. High-quality meals as developed by dietitians and prepared by skilled staff members make sure that the person gets a sufficient supply of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients through the diet. That nutrition is important for brain function, including cognition and memory. The person also will feel better in general and have more energy to participate in beneficial activities.


Research shows that socialization is critical for well-being in elderly individuals. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s patients tend to become increasingly isolated. They feel embarrassed about not being able to remember people they should know, and it becomes taxing trying to pretend they still have a fully functioning memory. In a caring and compassionate environment for Assisted Living in Omaha NE, they have the chance to spend many hours with new friends who don’t try to evaluate and judge their mental capacity.

Mentally Stimulating Activities

Most people are familiar with the advice to keep the brain exercised by doing activities that challenge the mind and arouse interest. Playing relatively easy games such as bingo and checkers often fit within an Alzheimer’s patient’s ability level, and the person can have fun participating. At a community such as Parsons House on Eagle Run, a wide variety of activities are offered so that each resident can find something of interest. Experts encourage Alzheimer’s patients to avoid spending hours passively watching TV, as that requires virtually no mental interaction or active participation. Please look at more info here for details on this community.