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Making A Cat Comfortable When Going To An Animal Hospital in Johns Creek

When someone has a cat that is in need of a trip to an Animal Hospital in Johns Creek, they will want to take the necessary steps in keeping it comfortable while in transit as well as in the waiting area of the establishment. A cat that does not regularly ride in a vehicle or getting inside a cat carrier may be extremely distressed with the ordeal.

It is best to have another person available to comfort the cat while on the way to the hospital. This person should be someone the cat is familiar with. It is also best to have the cat contained in a carrier to eliminate the risk of an accident while on the road. The carrier should be positioned so the cat can see someone while in transit. This way they will be reassured they are with someone they know and trust during the ride.

Place a soft blanket inside the cat carrier to help keep the cat secure. Cat treats can be brought along for the ride, but in many instances if a cat is too stressed from the movement of the vehicle, they will not be interested in eating at that time. Have the person next to the cat talk to it gently. They may also stroke the cat through the holes of the carrier if desired.

When the cat is brought into the waiting area of the hospital, it is a good idea to position the cage so it is facing away from other animals that may be in the room. If there are several other animals present, drape a blanket over the carrier to give the cat the sense of safety. Make sure to peek under the blanket every so often to give the cat some attention so they are aware their owner is still present.

If someone needs more information about how to successfully transport a cat to get medical assistance, they can call an Animal Hospital in Johns Creek for tips. Take a look to find a reputable hospital in the area and to make an appointment if desired.