Steps You Can Take to Properly Prepare for Your Cataract Surgery

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Health

Cataract surgery in St. Augustine, FL, can make a significant and sudden improvement in the quality of your vision, thereby improving your overall quality of life. Before the day of your surgery arrives, though, it’s essential to take steps to ensure you’re adequately prepared. These preparations will help to make the operation a success and your recovery as smooth as possible. Eyedrops Some doctors may prescribe eye drops to help reduce the risk of . Since your surgery will create an open wound on your eye, it needs to be given proper protection like any other wound would receive. By reducing the number of bacteria on and around your eye, you will have a lower risk of harboring infectious bacteria in the wound after your surgery is complete. Therefore, it’s important that you use the eye drops as directed.

Post-Surgery Arrangements Given that your cataract surgery in St. Augustine will make it difficult to see for the first 48 hours afterward, you will not be able to drive during this time. It’s important to arrange a ride in advance, so you’re able to get home safely. What’s more, it’s a good idea to arrange to have someone spend time with you at home during the initial days of your recovery, so you’ll be able to adjust properly to your post-surgery vision.

Fasting To prevent complications resulting from being placed under general anesthesia, it’s crucial that you fast for at least 12 hours before your surgery. Your doctor will specify exactly how long they would like you to fast, although 12 hours is a standard length of time. Though fasting doesn’t affect the surgery site in any way, it does help prevent vomiting and other risks that result from your relaxed reflexes. As you would when anticipating any other surgery, it’s smart to do everything you can to prepare for a successful outcome of your cataract procedure.

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