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The Importance of In Home Care in Chevy Chase When Family Caregiver Burnout Sets In

Adult children of disabled senior citizen parents commonly feel dedicated to helping those individuals continue living at home and caring for them without any assistance. Unfortunately, this often leads to a situation that the experts call caregiver burnout. The adult children become overwhelmed with trying to care for the mother or father, or both, while also working full-time and managing a family of their own. Arranging for Home Care Assistance Reading PA can be a superb alternative to moving the parent to assisted living or becoming exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally from trying to handle everything.

Some people feel that they are letting their loved one down by Arranging for Home Care Assistance Reading PA. Nothing could be further from the truth. When family caregivers become burned out, they feel resentful and irritable. They may lash out at the disabled person and then feel terrible about this afterward. Family caregivers who have schedules that are too full can become sick more easily because they are so stressed. They don’t get enough sleep, and they may not eat nutritious meals. They may start relying on alcohol to relax and to fall asleep. None of this is good for the caregiver or for the disabled parent.

It’s also typical for family caregivers to feel guilty if they take some time for themselves. They feel they are being selfish if they decide to go to a movie, spend a couple hours on a hike through the woods, or attend a monthly book club. Those are hours they feel they should be spending with the disabled parent. However, taking that time away is recharging and very beneficial for the person’s emotional state of mind. That, in turn, is beneficial for the disabled individual. In addition, when a personal care worker from an agency like TruCare Home Care Services comes to the home, the client has the rewarding experience of meeting someone new and having the chance to make a friend. That’s emotionally healthy as well, and it provides extra positive mental stimulation for this person. Browse our website for more information on the services offered.