How Can Acupuncture Work For Those In New York Suffering From Mental Disorders?

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Health

It is common for the average human to deal with emotional distress and major upheavals in life at some point. These events may trigger unexpected behaviors and feelings, which could lead to depression, panic attacks, and other mental disorders in New York. Therefore, it is essential that you understand more about these problems and the methods of treatment available, including acupuncture.

What Are These Problems?

Mental disorders are considered medical conditions that disrupt your feelings, mood, thinking, daily functioning, and how you relate to others. Over time, it can lead to a diminished capacity for dealing with ordinary life demands and necessities, which leads to the disorder.

These illnesses can include schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, and more. However, even though these can be severe, recovery is usually possible if you take precautions, get diagnosed correctly and find a treatment plan that works for you.


Before you can be treated by an acupuncturist or anyone else, you must be diagnosed with a mental disorder by a professional in New York. However, some acupuncturists can diagnose the problem, though Western medical doctors may not uphold the diagnosis.

Treatments can range from medications and therapy to others. Acupuncture focuses on imbalances within your body. Anything that stops the flow of energy within the body can cause problems. Oriental Medicine doesn’t recognize these disorders as one syndrome or one problem. Instead, it focuses on the particular symptoms that are unique to you as an individual and will use various techniques, including herbal medicine, lifestyle changes and more to help heal the body.

They focus more on the five elements and its emotions, including wood/liver, fire/heart, earth/spleen, metal/lung, and water/kidney, each of which has its own emotions tethered to it.

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