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Six Things to Ask Yourself before Choosing an MRI Facility

If you live in Altamonte Springs, at some point it might be necessary to arrange for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Many facilities offer this service. Your doctor may provide you with a list of possible facilities. S/he may also suggest one clinic.

Ask Questions First

Before you agree to the appointment, you should first consider whether the facility possesses the qualities that make it an excellent choice for your Altamonte Springs MRI.

1. Does it have the latest technology?
2. Is the facility fully accredited by such organizations as the American College of Radiology (ACR)?
3. Who are the physicians staffing the hospital? Are they all well-known in their specific field? Do members have the expertise necessary to address your concerns?
4. How long must you wait before you are able to receive a consultation and/or an actual MRI? During the process of booking an appointment, is the administrative paperwork difficult? Does the office staff offer to help?
5. Does their site/personnel indicate the time between the test and the results?
6. How do they deliver the results? By phone, email, through your doctor or in-person?

One of the most important questions people ask is “What is the cost?” Know the amount and whether your insurance will cover it? Make sure you know whether your insurance will be accepted


Before booking an MRI in facilities in Altamonte Springs, be sure you feel it is the right one. Ask yourself the above questions. If the answers conform to your expectations and need, book an appointment.