What To Know About Intrauterine Insemination in San Francisco, CA

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Healthcare

Becoming a parent is a lifelong dream for most people; yet, it is unattainable for many. However, with the help of technology and science many couples are able to realize their dream of starting a family of their own. If you are looking for help with conceiving, intrauterine insemination in San Francisco, CA, might be just right for you.

The Treatment Works for Men and Women

In the past, many fertility treatments were geared towards female infertility. However, intrauterine insemination (IUI)can also help men with fertility issues by using the highest quality sperm to inseminate the egg. This treatment can also benefit men with erectile disfunction or other issues that can make it difficult to retrieve sperm organically.

You Might Have To Undergo Several Sessions

While you might want to see results after your first treatment of IUI, the success rates after one treatment lesson depending on the women’s age. However, the more cycles you undergo, your chances of conceiving can increase significantly.

Another reason you might want to consider intrauterine insemination in San Francisco, CA, is that the costs can be much less than traditional vitro fertilization (IVF). Although it might take a few rounds in order for you to conceive, the total cost of multiple rounds of IUI are still cheaper than one round of IVF. Whether you are a homosexual couple or a woman with fertility issues, the right treatment center can get you on your way to starting a family.

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