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4 Reasons to Hire a Flight Nurse to Look After Your Parents on a Flight

If your parents live a long distance away and they require treatment and care, you’ll need to book a flight to get them and bring them home with you. However, hiring a critical care flight nurse can save you a ton of time, effort and money in the process.

Save time

If your parents are sick, recovering from an illness or already frail and weak, hiring a flight nurse can solve a number of issues. You won’t have to waste time on booking a round-trip ticket for yourself. Hiring a nurse means someone else can take your parents, escort them to and through the airport, stay with them during the flight and generally hand them over to your care when the plane lands.

Cut back on costs

Caring for sick or elderly parents can take a toll on your finances. By hiring a nurse, you can save on the cost of a roundtrip ticket for yourself along with other travel-associated bills like food, transportation and hotel accommodations, among others.

Save on effort

With the help of flight nurse, you won’t have to take too many days off from work to go on a flight and then back again. A nurse can escort your parents’ right into your care at home or at the airport.

Less worries and stress

Manage their medication: If your parents require medical help during transport, hiring a critical care flight nurse is a must. Aging Care affirms that many mature adults take about 5 or more medications a day. Having someone around to ensure they take their medication during transport will be a great relief to you.

All these are great reasons to hire a flight nurse to look after your parents during transport. Don’t let them go home alone. You’ll enjoy better peace of mind when you know someone’s there to provide them with the help they need.