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5 Signs Your Alcohol Problem is Getting Out of Hand

Having a drink or two at the end of a long day isn’t the problem. But if your drinking is starting to get out of hand, then it may be time to think about enrolling in a program for alcohol treatment in Fort Lauderdale.

You drink more and longer

If you find yourself drinking more and more, with little to no regard to the consequences of your actions, then that is already a red flag. Get professional help. Start checking out facilities that offer alcohol treatment in Fort Lauderdale.

You’ve tried to quit but failed

If you have tried numerous times to quit your drinking habit, then that is another indication that it’s time to seek out help. Substance abuse rewires your brain. That’s why will power alone isn’t going to be enough to kick back the addiction. You need professional help.

You have withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are a clear sign that you have an addiction problem. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may experience mild to severe symptoms, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says.

You are blacking out

If you are drinking too much that you often black out and can’t remember anything from the experience when you wake up, then that could be a sign of addiction. That behavior also shows that your behavior is becoming reckless, since blackouts can put you at risk of physical harm. That could be another sign that the addiction is growing and spiraling out of control.

You are destroying relationships

If your drinking problem is getting worse and your friends and family are starting to comment on the fact or tried to talk to you about it, then that could put you on the defensive. If you find yourself being hostile with anyone about your drinking problems, it may be time to get yourself into treatment.