5 Types of Senior Care Facilities

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Health

Senior Care is one of the hardest decisions your family will face. This is why weighing your options should be done before signing the dotted line. When it comes to taking care of senior loved ones, you’d want the best care they could possibly get, while considering budget, their needs, and facilities.

If you’re checking out options for senior care in Monterey CA, here are 5 types of facilities you can consider:

  1. Independent Living – As its name suggest, independent living provides senior citizens with their own place, usually within a small retirement community. This gives the elderly much more freedom with how they spend their days, including socializing with others their own age. Some assistance still exist with this kind of setting, such as house maintenance, a clinic nearby, and personnel that could visit you with just one quick call.
  2. Assisted Living – An assisted living facility is a housing option with 24-hour staff that would help with day-to-day tasks, medications, and basic care. Some facilities offer boarding rooms, while others provide apartments within a senior-friendly village. Scheduled activities vary per facility.
    Assisted living is ideal for those who don’t require complex medical supervision, but need help with grooming, housekeeping, transportation and other requirements that are not feasible at home.
  3. Home Care – If your loved one wants to maintain his/her independence while aging, staying at home is the best way to go. However, it is only ideal when the senior doesn’t require high level of personal or medical care. Should the situation change, you could hire senior care providers who could assist your loved ones in the comfort of their homes. Those with mobility problems could have a problem with this option, but staying at home lets seniors adjust as their needs change.
  4. Adult Day Care – If your parent or grandparent doesn’t want to be alone when everyone in the household goes to school or work, adult day care provides a healthy balance of activities. While you need to drop them off in the facility, this option is great to keep them busy with socialization and various activities, such as art, exercise, games, poetry, music, and more. This type of senior care also caters to older adults with memory loss and other conditions associated with aging.
  5. Nursing Home – This option is often considered last because a nursing home is ideal for seniors that require a high-level of medical and personal care. Nursing homes have in-house doctors, physical therapists, and nurses to cater to these needs.

For more information about your options of senior care in Monterey CA, you can visit Central Coast VNA & Hospice and ask recommendations about your current situation.

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