A Doctor Answering Service Helps Take Better Care of Patients

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Healthcare

Having healthcare answering services is a great way to improve the running of your medical facility whether it is a single doctor’s office or a huge busy hospital. There are many advantages to this such as better customer service, faster resolution of problems, records of phone calls, and having “after hours” people to handle incoming calls.

Communication is the key to success, especially in the healthcare business where a wrong response can mean death for a patient. On-call doctors need a reliable way to get their messages and get the correct information regarding their patients’ needs. That’s why it’s vital to choose healthcare answering services wisely.

Healthcare Answering Services Provide Records, Reduce Liability Issues
If your medical facility has good healthcare answering services, then your doctors won’t have to search out data due to bad transmission of messages. Plus, as long as you hire services that are HIPAA compliant, you also lessen the chances that your messages will be sent in such a way that gives out your patient’s personal information.

A good answering service keeps good records and this helps you to reduce waste and save money. You will have more accurate records of things like patient appointments, doctor’s notes, employee issues, etc. Plus, they can screen out calls that are the wrong number or place the more important calls through first in case of an emergency situation.

How to Choose the Best Answering Service Company
It is vital to carefully choose healthcare answering services for your facility. You need to do checks on the potential companies you are looking at hiring. For instance, you can read reviews on them on their websites, ask for references from their customers, and check on social media for customer interaction and responses. Try checking the local Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been made about the company.

Another thing is to be certain the company is HIPAA compliant so you will be safeguarding your patient’s personal and private information. This is vital, as a medical facility can be liable if this gets out to the wrong people. Be sure that they can protect the data on both sides of the conversation, as well as being sure all mobile devices are also HIPAA compliant.

The main point is that healthcare answering services are a great asset to your facility as they save time, money, and also better your reputation since it helps your patients get their needs taken care of faster.

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