A Pediatrician in San Diego Helps Children Diagnosed With Asthma

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Health

When a pediatrician in San Diego diagnoses a patient with asthma, the youngster might need to use an inhaler as a daily routine and always have a rescue inhaler on hand as well. However, many children have mild cases and don’t need the daily medication. The doctor recommends the best methods for preventing and treating breathing problems.

Daily and Rescue Inhalers

Daily inhalers contain corticosteroids, which are anti-inflammatory substances useful for preventing asthma attacks. Rescue inhalers contain different substances to provide fast relief when asthma symptoms do occur. These are bronchodilators that relax lung muscles and widen airways. Both are available by prescription.

A bronchodilator product also is available over the counter. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends only using this one for mild asthma cases with occasional symptoms. For instance, a child might only experience slight wheezing a couple of times a week. Parents will want to consult the child’s pediatrician in San Diego before deciding which rescue inhaler to buy.

Additional Considerations

A pediatrician helps children diagnosed with asthma breathe easily. The physician advises the family of strategies that allow the child to continue being physically active without breathing issues.

The parents may have already realized that certain situations result in wheezing. For instance, this might happen when the youngster rides in a car in which somebody smokes. That happens even if nobody does so while the child is there because smoke, nicotine, and other toxins seep into the interior materials.

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