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Advantages of Laser Vein Removal by a Plastic Surgeon

Are swollen and twisted veins making your Schaumburg life hard because you feel they are unsightly? Laser vein removal in Schaumburg is an effective way of remedying the situation. Below are the advantages of laser vein removal.

Non-Invasive Procedure

Most vein removal procedures are invasive because they involve injections and making incisions. Laser treatment is entirely non-surgical and will not require infiltration into the skin. A phlebologist will use a device that sends a radiation beam to close and shrink the varicose veins. Scar tissue seals the vein, and blood starts flowing through other veins. The recovery is less painful and faster because there is no incision.

Relieves Swelling and Cramps

Varicose veins can cause significant cramps and swelling in your leg. Laser vein removal reduces and even eliminates problematic veins. The procedure relieves the cramps, swelling, and pain so you can perform daily tasks without discomfort.

Improved Confidence

Vein removal improves confidence because no purple-colored veins bulge under the skin, making you feel unattractive. You will not feel uncomfortable wearing clothes that show your legs. Vein removal saves you from spending time and energy concealing varicose veins.

Quick Recovery

Laser vein removal in Schaumburg does not prevent you from engaging in activities like invasive procedures. You might need to put on a compression hose for a few days, but nothing will prevent you from engaging in your non-strenuous activities. It only requires a few weeks to resume strenuous activities.

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