Approaches Used by a Modern Holistic Detox Center in San Fernando, CA

by | May 19, 2022 | Addictions

Have you sought help from a detox center in San Fernando, CA? If someone consumes substances long enough, their bodies will become dependent. Sudden cessation of these substances can trigger withdrawal effects, from palpitations to sweating. In addition, certain drugs may trigger life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, such as alcohol. Nevertheless, with supportive care and trained counselors, anyone can overcome drug dependency.

Admissions Process

Licensed marriage and family counselors will be standing by, awaiting your needs. Moreover, the drug and alcohol counselors lead the detoxification process under medical supervision. By combining side-effect relieving drugs, most users make it through acute withdrawals drama-free. However, patients may be put into a medically induced coma until this stage is over in some cases.

Once a client has progressed past the admissions process, they begin treatment. Each day, you will be awoken at 6:30 AM. Then, trained counselors will guide you along with other attendees through a meditation.

Afterward, you will be taught valuable skills to assist with long-term recovery prospects.

Assimilation Into the Program

After assimilation, patients are able to work in group settings, enhancing treatment effectiveness. By working with each other, everyone has a chance to strengthen interpersonal skills.

During this time, a talented in-house chef prepares meals so that you can eat later. Nourishing body, spirit, and mind are crucial during recovery, and each is emphasized. Thankfully, program designers understand the importance of a holistic approach, combining multiple treatments.

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