Available Therapeutic Methods to Get Immediate Relief in Your Spine

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Pain Management

Chronic spinal pain can be difficult to live with each day. Simple acts like getting out of bed or sitting down can be agonizing. The pain makes you want to remain in bed all day and avoid all activities.

Rather than live with chronic discomfort in this part of your body, you can seek out professional therapeutic treatment that can give you back your ability to move normally. You can discover more about your treatment options by making contact with your local coastal spine and pain provider today.

Disc Realignment

The coastal spine and pain provider that you seek out treatment from can use a number of different methods for realigning your discs. When the discs slip out of place in your spinal column, they can cause the nerves to become pinched or pressured. When you walk, bend over, or carry out other routine activities, you can experience excruciating pain.

Your therapy provider can manually maneuver the discs back in place or use a realignment procedure that stretches your spine and causes the discs to go back in their rightful position. You should feel immediate relief from either of these treatments.


In the most serious cases of herniated or slipped discs, patients could have to undergo surgery. Instead of using invasive methods to correct disc problems in your back, your doctor could use laser surgery. The laser removes herniation in the discs in your back so that you no longer experience pain.

Laser surgery is also fast and easy from which to recover. You can typically get back to your everyday routine within a week after the operation.

These therapeutic methods are available to you when you want to recover fully from spinal pain. You could avoid having to undergo major surgery. You could benefit instead from manual manipulation or laser surgery.

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