Benefits of Alkaline and Ionized Water

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Health

To the average person, water is just water. The untrained eye cannot tell the difference between fresh spring water, and water that comes out of the tap. However, there is a clear, important distinction to make, especially when it comes to alkaline and ionized water. Ionizing water is a method of filtering water into a purer form of itself, and has been utilized and promoted by celebrities across the world. However, for those who remain unconvinced, here is a list of the main health benefits of alkaline and ionized water.

#1. Less acidic
The biggest thing that separates ionized alkaline water from normal tap water is its higher pH level. PH levels determine the concentration of hydrogen ions contained within a body of liquid, on a scale of 0-14, with 7 being the neutral point. Coffee, tea, and soda for instance have a level somewhere below 7, meaning they’re highly acidic liquids. Alkaline water, on the other hand, has a pH level of seven or higher. This makes ionized alkaline water significantly less acidic than even other forms of water, since the hydrogen ions have been filtered out to basically nothing.

#2. Neutralizes acid in the body
Going off the previous topic, not only does alkaline and ionized water not introduce any acid into the body, it can even lower the amount that’s already there. Alkaline water with a pH concentration of precisely 8.8 can heavily reduce your risk of acid reflux because of this. By reducing the acid in your bloodstream, oxygen flows more naturally, leading to improved metabolism and energy. This in turn invigorates the muscles, making you feel less sluggish than you typically do.

#3. Hydrates the body better
On top of everything else, ionized alkaline water is proven to be far more hydrating than tap water or even most leading water bottles. The lack of hydrogen ions leads to more oxygen in the water, and the act of ionization breaks down the hydrogen cells into smaller clusters. Because of their smaller size, the clusters are easier to absorb into the body, meaning you get more hydration for each sip of ionized water than you do with normal tap water. So, if you’re going for a jog, ionized bottled water will help your workout far more than your typical brand of water.

While scientists have yet to fully uncover all the real health benefits of ionized alkaline water, the results speak for themselves. Ionized alkaline water breaks down acid in the body, introduces less new acid into the body, and is more refreshing and hydrating than tap water.

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