Benefits Foot Reflexology Therapists in Oahu HI

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Massage Therapy

Holistic methods of therapy are certainly gaining in popularity in recent years. There is a strong push to get away from modern medicines that may have toxic or dangerous side effects. Foot reflexology (or massage, for the layman’s term) is one of the methods that quickly becoming a leader in the holistic revolution. Here are a few benefits of seeing Foot Reflexology Therapists in Oahu HI.

1. Foot massage has been proven to aid in better sleep. By massaging the feet right before bedtime, circulation will be improved, and the nerve endings are soothed. These both result in a more relaxed feeling when you lie down for bed.

2. Massage of the foot helps to stimulate the lymph nodes which help to strengthen the immune system. Varicose veins can be prevented by proper reflexology methods.

3. Massage releases any energy blocks that the body may have which will, in turn, alleviate fatigue of the body.

4. Massaging the center of the big toe, or the ball of the foot, has also been proven to fight depression. A study published by the Journal of Clinical Nursing showed that these areas in the foot were directly linked to mental health.

5. Massaging the feet on a daily basis keeps them healthy by relieving tension in the muscles and reducing stiffness in both the feet and ankles. This can help to prevent foot-related injury.

6. Massage done by a professional can actually alleviate the symptoms brought on by PMS and menopause. There are specific points in the foot that directly link to health problems or issues that you may be having, so seeing a trained therapist is the best course of action.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Foot Reflexology Therapists in Oahu HI. Not only do the professionals know exactly what nerve and pressure points to work on, but they can also offer suggestions and tips to help you take care of you feet in between appointments. Remember, if the foot is unhealthy, it can start causing problems in many other areas of the body as well. It is best to take care of them before problems arise not after.

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