Benefits Of Treating Hearing Loss With A Hearing Aid In Groton CT

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Healthcare

When many people start to lose their hearing they go into denial. They don’t want to admit that their hearing is going; Therefore, they refuse the treatment. What people who are suffering from hearing loss don’t realize is that they can greatly benefit from a Hearing Aid in Groton CT.

Slower Cognitive Decline

There have been several studies that have linked untreated hearing loss to the increased risk of developing dementia and other cognitive disorders. If a person gets treatment for their hearing loss early, they can greatly reduce their risk of developing these conditions later on in life.

Increased Earning Power

A study performed by the Better Hearing Institute found that a person who allows their hearing loss to go untreated can make up to $30,000 less each year than a person who can hear fine or who has treated their condition. If an employee is given a project by their boss and they cannot hear the instructions, the job won’t get done right. If the employee needs to have the instructions repeated over and over again because they couldn’t hear, it makes the employee look bad. When a promotion becomes available, the employee who could never hear their boss is less likely to get the job.

Reduces Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a ringing in the ear that is usually accompanied by hearing loss. When an individual chooses to wear a Hearing Air in Groton CT, the ringing in their ear should stop. As long as the hearing aid is fitted properly, the annoying ringing will be a thing of the past.

Better Quality of Life

When a person starts to lose their hearing, they will miss out on conversations; they won’t be able to hear the television, and they might not even be able to hear the birds outside their window anymore. When they have their problem treated with a hearing aid, they won’t miss out on these sounds. Being able to hear properly offers a better quality of life.

If an individual believes that they may be suffering from hearing loss, they should visit a doctor for a hearing test. If necessary, they can improve their lives by getting a hearing aid. For more information, schedule an appointment.

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