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Causes and Symptoms of Overactive Bladder in Children

According to our Pediatric Doctor in Carlsbad, about 20 percent of children suffer with urinary incontinence. The condition of an overactive bladder may cause emotional distress in kids. Although the condition might become better over time, yet for some it might continue up into adulthood. Thereby, it always is suggested to consult a pediatrician who’ll assist you in determining the problem’s severity.

Urinary incontinence includes a condition that’s caused by the abrupt contraction of the muscles that surround the urethra that aggravate the issue by causing urinary tract infection, as well. Also, this condition may be caused by excessive emotional stress, ceasing the urge of urination, drinking coffee, constipation, as well as small bladder capacity. Holding urine is caused as kids don’t want to interrupt their play, thereby creating this issue. Therefore, in some of the kids, the condition is treated using bladder training, yet for specific cases, medicine is needed from our Pediatric Doctor in Carlsbad area.

Symptoms and Causes

Aside from the aforementioned causes, there may be additional causes that may result in the condition; for example – anomalies within the nervous system, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, diabetic neuropathy, dementia, as well as multiple sclerosis. Even as the nervous system is normally functioning, the youngster may suffer with this condition. For example, bladder stones, tumor, and urinary tract infection may lead to the bladder becoming overactive. When understanding the causes, it also is necessary to research the symptoms of the condition. The primary symptoms include increased urination over eight times within one day and more than one time overnight. Because of this issue, kids might suffer with fatigue and might not have the ability to focus on their tasks.