A Chiropractic Doctor in Henderson, NV Offers Such Services as Moist Heat Therapy

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Health

To assist in chiropractic healing, moist heat therapy is often recommended. This type of heat therapy can be extremely beneficial if it is used properly. Moist heat therapy is less likely to cause skin dehydration if it is measured against the use of dry heat. This therapy is available in many forms, including hot baths, steam towels, and moist heating packs.

A Better Absorption of Heat

A chiropractic doctor in Henderson, NV will recommend moist heat therapy to increase tissue elasticity. This treatment is, therefore ideal for patients with dry or aging skin. Most chiropractors recommend moist heat over dry heat as there is less concern about skin irritation. In addition, the moisture allows for better absorption of the heat.

Hot Water is better than the Microwave

A chiropractic doctor will often recommend heat packs that are wrapped in several layers of towels to prevent any burning. Heat packs can be applied to the site of pain for as long as twenty minutes. Any redness that appears normally subsides after six hours. Chiropractors suggest using hot water as opposed to reheating a wrap in the microwave.

A Supplement to Care

Moist heat therapy is a nice complement to the care that a chiropractic doctor provides. The therapy is ideal for a range of chiropractic problems, including chronic lower back pain and stiff joints and muscles. Heating therapy products are often preferred by patients over more invasive therapies. Therefore, heating aids are frequently used to supplement chiropractic or physiotherapy treatments and protocols.

Who to Contact

Never use heat therapy on any kind of swelling, or if you have diabetes. Also, heat should not be applied to a bruise or a freshly pulled muscle. Always avoid heat on any part of the skin that is red or inflamed. For more information about heat treatments and chiropractic care, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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