Choosing Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Health Care

Many people are no longer mobile. Some struggle every day just to get out of bed and make it to the bathroom. That is why mobility aids have been implemented in countless homes. Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA come in a wide variety of styles. Choosing which ones to get depends on the range of mobility each person wishes to have and the amount of space and number of rooms they want to get to.

Lift Chairs

Those that want to sit out in the living room and enjoy a change of scenery from their beds should purchase a lift chair. A lift chair resembles a typical recliner except it has a lift mechanism that makes it easier to get out of when needed. The chair actually lifts up to help push the person into a standing position. This works well for those who have trouble trying to stand up on their own.

Stair Lifts

People with stairs in their home should consider getting a stair lift. This mechanism is installed on the stairs so people can be transported up and down them as needed. It is essentially a chair that people sit in that moves up and down its installed pathway. Those with bedrooms upstairs will then have a way to get downstairs where the rest of the living space is.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are actually another type of mobility aid. Those who wear them experience less pain in their legs due to the reduced swelling. There are even a variety of styles so each person can find a pair that meets their needs.


Some may struggle to walk at all. This is where a walker comes into play. People with extremely limited mobility and muscle issues can use a walker to help them get around. The walker gives them something to hold onto so they can keep their balance.

Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA offer people the chance to get around in their homes. Whether someone has trouble walking, is extremely ill, or for any other reason cannot make it up and around without help, a variety of aids are available to meet their needs. McArdle Surgical offers an assortment of mobility aid options for customers to choose from.

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