Coastal Spine and Pain Management: Your Solution

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Pain Management

If you’re in Northeast Florida, finding the right solution for coastal spine and pain management may be easier than you think. Many patients are disappointed with the results that they get from physician groups that are not focused solely on pain management. Understanding pain takes years of experience and focused education. Pain is different for everyone, there is no one right way to treat it, other than to get it under control once and for all.

Meeting Your Management Goals
Anyone that suffers with back pain, neck pain, etc., has a similar goal. They want it to stop so that they can get their life on track. Many people comment that the worst part of dealing with pain is the loneliness. It can be hard to get out with friends and family when you are constantly uncomfortable. The right coastal spine and pain management team will help you meet your goals and get to a point where you fully enjoy life again.

How Its Done
Riverside Pain Physicians has the formula for success that is enjoyed by all their patients. During your very first appointment, we will:

  • Do a complete review of your medical history
  • Conduct in-depth interview with you
  • Discuss any treatment options you may have

A review of your medical history will help the doctors understand the root of your pain and reveal any treatments you may have already had. This process of elimination will ensure that time is not wasted trying treatments that did not work in the past.

Getting to Know You
One of the most important part in treating you is getting to know you. You can expect to have an honest conversation about your goals and the time it takes to reach them. Treatment options will be presented that make sense for both controlling pain and your lifestyle. Make an appointment with Riverside Pain Physicians and get the care you need!

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