Common Myths About Private Home Care in Fayetteville, GA

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Home Health Care Service

Most elderly consumers want to stay in their homes and maintain as much independence as possible. Those who don’t have family members who can devote 100% of their time to moving in and providing them with care often feel at a loss, though. With Private Home Care Fayetteville GA residents can stay in their homes safely and get all the help they need to maintain independent lives.

While home care has been rising in popularity in recent years, there are still many misconceptions out there. This article will debunk a few of the most common myths surrounding home care for the elderly.

Myth #1: Home Care Is Only for the Terminally Ill

There is a huge difference between hospice care and home care. While a hospice caregiver’s job is specifically to meet the needs of terminally ill patients, a home care aide can provide care and companionship for anyone who needs it. Since every client’s needs are a little different, home care aides are trained in providing a wide range of services.

Myth #2: Home Care is Prohibitively Expensive

Many families assume that private home care is too expensive to fit in their budgets. In reality, most consumers can afford some level of home care services. Most companies offer flexible, hourly services to allow a larger number of clients to get the help they need.

Myth #3: Clients Will Have No Say About Who Comes into Their Homes

This may be true for those who hire independent caregivers. When they work with a company that provides Private Home Care Fayetteville GA residents can expect every aide who enters their home to be carefully screened, trained, and insured. Many companies also make a point of matching caregivers with clients who have similar interests.

Myth #4: It Doesn’t Matter What Caregiving Service Clients Hire

Not all home care services are created equal, so it’s important to find one that is legitimate and has a reputation for providing excellent care. Those who haven’t found a home care service yet can check out Sacred Journey Hospice to get their searches started off right.

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