Common Myths Related to Assisted Living

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Health

If you are a senior, and you have begun to consider the options you have regarding your future home, it is only normal to feel a bit apprehensive. Making preparations to move out of your own home may stir up a number of unpleasant feelings and emotions, including fear and worry.

An idea that you may like is moving to a Scottsdale assisted living facility. One of the biggest advantages of this move is your ability to maintain your independent lifestyle without having to worry with who is going to help you out if you need help. Another benefit is that you are going to have access to activities and make new friends, which means you can maintain an active social life.

However, even though there are a number of benefits, the idea of senior living is very often not fully understood. Many of these misconceptions are the result of people who haven’t taken the time to find out what senior living is really all about. Here you can learn about the most common myths, as well as the truth.

Myth: Assisted Living Facilities are Depressing

There are many people who have an old and outdated perception of Scottsdale assisted living facilities. They believe that these facilities are sad, depressing places to be, where people are just waiting around to die. This could not be further from the truth. The generation of baby boomers has reinvented the entire notion of this type of facility. Today, assisted living is the most popular option due to the options, activities and other factors that residents have access to.

Myth: You No Longer Feel Useful in Assisted Living Facilities

Another false, yet commonly believed myth about assisted living in Scottsdale, AZ is that when you move in, you won’t feel useful or find anything to do. This is not true, either. Modern senior living communities are full of activities, regardless of if it is planned or residents just enjoying an active lifestyle through clubs, volunteering, exercise, attending classes, mentoring, or something else.

Myth: Assisted Living is too Costly

There are many seniors who have already paid their home mortgages off, but having to maintain their home can still cost quite a bit. They also have to consider the costs of taxes, repairs to their home, insurance payments and utilities. If you need help with daily activities or personal care, these are costs that can also add up quickly. When you opt for assisted living instead, you will find that the price is actually much more affordable.

If you are trying to find the right location to spend your senior years, then you will quickly discover that assisted living just makes sense. Be sure to keep this in mind during your search as well as the fact that companies like A Caring Hand for Mom (and Dad) are very familiar with the communities in your area and are happy to help you. Their services are free of charge to you and they can help you understand the differences between the various communities and the levels of care and services they provide as other than the brick and mortar the communities are not all the same and do not provide the same levels of care and services.

Find out more information about assisted living by visiting the A Caring Hand for Mom (and Dad) website and calling us at 123-881-0000. You will speak with a licensed healthcare professional who can help you understand the differences between each community not a sales or marketing associate.

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