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How Continuous Glucose Monitoring Makes Life Easier for Diabetic Patients

When a person has diabetes, it is important to monitor their blood glucose levels. This is typically done with regular checks via small blood draws from the fingers or hands, and levels that are not within a healthy or safe range are treated with glucose tablet intake, food and drink, or an injection of insulin. When these short-term treatments are no longer working the way that they should – or a patient’s glucose levels change too frequently or drastically to manage using them – continuous glucose monitoring may be the best solution.

How Does Continuous Monitoring Work?

Continuous glucose monitoring is performed by tiny sensors that are inserted into the tissue of the abdomen to perform readings consistently, around the clock. The sensors are changed every seven days, and the information gathered by these devices is automatically logged for sharing with health care providers. By removing the need to manually test blood glucose levels, patients with needs for rigorous testing schedules don’t have to worry about missing tests or neglecting to gather needed information

The materials needed for continuous glucose monitoring will often initially be supplied by a doctor’s prescription and covered by many insurance plans, but ordering refills or replacement parts is one task most patients must handle on their own. Many medical supply chains now offer online ordering and direct shipping. At US Med, you can submit your insurance information to supplement or cover the cost of your materials and have them shipped directly to your door. It’s the modern way to manage your diabetes.

Who is Continuous Monitoring Right For?

Not every diabetic patient will benefit from continuous glucose monitoring. For many, this continuous cycle of monitoring, treatment and round-the-clock management is exactly what they need to live with their condition.

Some types of patients who can benefit from continuous monitoring of their blood glucose levels include:

  • Children with diabetes
  • Patients who wear insulin pumps
  • Those who have gestational diabetes or diabetics who are trying to conceive
  • Any diabetic whose condition is not well-controlled with traditional methods

Whatever a doctor’s reason for recommending continuous monitoring, you can rest assured that it will offer peace of mind and better control of your diabetes for a fuller, happier and healthier life.