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by | Aug 7, 2020 | Animal Health

One of the imaging tools used by veterinarians today to make diagnoses is the endoscope. Therefore, an endoscopy procedure involves looking inside a pet to assess its internal organs. Happily, an endoscopy procedure makes it possible to examine a pet without the need for surgery. The endoscope is made up of a long tube with a camera affixed to it. This tube is designed to be inserted into an animal’s mouth, nose, or rectum, depending on the site that needs to be reviewed. The camera, in turn, transmits pictures back to a monitor.

Endoscopy Procedures

If you visit a vet clinic inGermantown to have an endoscopy performed for your pet, both upper and lower endoscopies are typically offered. Tracheal washes and bronchoscopies are performed, as well. The endoscopic tool can also be used for removing foreign objects from a pet’s stomach or performing biopsies.

When an endoscopy is performed, anesthesia is needed to keep the pet still. However, the amount that is used is far less than what is needed for surgeries. As a result, a pet usually can return home the same day the procedure is performed.

Does Your Vet Have a Diagnostic Lab On-site?

If you are currently in the process of selecting a vet clinic, then make sure it also features an on-site diagnostic lab. When a lab is available on-site, diagnoses can be confirmed immediately. This type of lab can be used for both routine and non-urgent testing. When diagnoses need to be made right away, the treatment can be facilitated without delay.

Vet clinic facilities today have also upgraded their offerings when it comes to managing pain. As a result, a number of protocols are offered depending on your pet’s health needs. The main goal is to make sure that a pet is comfortable and happy when it is recuperating. Pain management is offered during convalescence or to control arthritis discomfort. It may also be used to make an end-of-life transition easier and more comfortable. Visit website for professional vet clinic in Germantown to manage your pet’s health.

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