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by | Apr 14, 2017 | Eyes Vision

Ordering eyeglasses online may appear to be fast, easy, and cheap, but there are definite sacrifices made and risks taken when eliminating local professionals. Risks include not getting the right prescription for the lenses, getting lenses that are too thick and heavy, and getting stuck with frames that looked better online than they do on your face. Prescription numbers are entered online by the buyer. Misreading the prescription or making a mistake inputting the numbers results in a useless pair of glasses that will not help correct vision. They may even cause more damage as well as headaches. Ordering Eyeglasses in Hutchinson KS at an actual eye care center eliminates that risk because the professionals have the original prescription.

Different materials for lenses can be used to make strong lenses thinner and lighter. They can also eliminate lines in lenses and provide transitional lenses that accommodate changes in light automatically. Online, there is one box that asks customers to select the material for the lenses. One option is recommended, but there are no clear explanations regarding advantages and disadvantages of each option. Buyers are basically guessing which lens material to select prior to checkout. The result can be heavy glasses, lines that are not preferred, or glasses with too much glare. All those issues interfere with proper vision correction and discourage people from wearing their new glasses. The result is often purchasing a new pair of eyeglasses in Hutchinson KS from a local eye care center. That practice costs people double rather than saving any money.

A large eye care center will have a huge selection of frames for people of all ages and tastes. Frames range in prices to accommodate all budgets. Another advantage to getting eyeglasses locally is that they will be fitted by professionals. Adjustments are made to prevent the arms from pinching into the sides of the head, glasses from sliding down the nose, and frames falling from the back of the ears. Customers will also know exactly what the frames will look like on the face because they have been able to try them on before making a final decision. Visit us to enjoy complete services for eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

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