What You Need to know About Being an EKG Tech

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Health

An EKG tech has a very important job. They monitor patient’s heart rhythm on an EKG machine for the doctors and nurses since they are needed elsewhere. Becoming an EKG tech is not as difficult as other healthcare jobs, and you can usually become certified in a matter of weeks rather than years like with a nursing or MD position. Here are a few things you should know about being an EKG tech.


While no certification is legally required of an EKG tech, many hospitals require some type of formal training or the equivalent job experience. Thankfully, monitor tech training to become an EKG tech is fairly short and straight forward. Once you have your training, you can get a job as an EKG tech. Even if you do have on the job training, formal training can help you get some other jobs and higher pay.

Job Duties

As an EKG tech, you will be responsible for monitoring the electrical activity of each patient’s heart in your department. This will all be displayed on your EKG machine and is usually monitored from a central location so that you can alert a doctor or nurse if you need their help. This will usually mean that a patient has unusual heart activity and they should probably be checked on.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for EKG techs is great. The expected job growth is 39% between 2012 and 2022. This is a very high growth rate for any profession. This large growth can be attributed to the increasing number of retired people who are living longer than ever before.

If you want to get into the healthcare industry, but don’t want to go through the training to become a doctor or nurse then you may want to consider becoming an EKG tech. This is also a great position for those who are unsure if they want to pursue a medical career and want to gain some experience first.

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