Feel the Fast-Acting Benefits of Ketamine Infusion in Kansas City

by | Dec 26, 2019 | Health

Many mental health issues are causing people to struggle to cope with life across the planet and requiring the development of new treatments. Among the mental health issues, we are hearing the most about in the 21st-century are depression and OCD that can be difficult to treat. One of the latest treatments for depression and OCD is that of a ketamine infusion in Kansas City that has shown success rates around 70 percent in the treatment of depression.

Why Choose a Ketamine Infusion in Kansas City?

Ketamine is not a new drug and has been in use since the 1960s as a form of anesthesia that proved popular with many specialists in surgical procedures. In the last few years, researchers have been looking for different ways of treating mental health issues and ketamine has been one of the most useful options as it does not need to wait for serotonin levels to build up to begin to be effective. Instead, the effects of this medication can be felt almost immediately after an infusion is completed with a long-lasting effect outrperforming many other treatment options. As the medication has been approved by the FDA, it is seen as one of the safest options on the market for treatment.

An Effective Antidepressant

The effectiveness of ketamine is now almost beyond doubt as an antidepressant and is showing some success in treating those with extreme forms of OCD. Contact Ketamine Centers of Chicago to learn more about the benefits of a ketamine infusion in Kansas City.

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