For Physical Therapy Topeka KS Has Practitioners Providing Dry Needling Treatment

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Chiropractic

Many people are surprised to discover that some chiropractors and Physical Therapy Topeka KS practitioners use a technique that is similar to acupuncture. It’s known as dry needling and it involves the insertion of thin needles into a painful knot in a muscle. This knot or nodule is medically known as a myofascial trigger point. In contrast, acupuncturists insert needles into specified points that may not be anywhere near the place where the patient feels pain.

This trigger point release therapy can be helpful for people dealing with a range of painful conditions. Many patients who have experienced an acute injury in an accident or athletic pursuit respond well to dry needling. Individuals suffering from repetitive strain injuries, such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome, also may find relief with this technique. Patients dealing with arthritis may develop muscle pain as they adjust their posture and gait to reduce their joint pain. The insertion of fine needles at those areas may help them feel better.

Skeptics may wonder how such a strategy can possibly be effective. There actually are sound medical reasons for the pain-relief benefits. One reason is that the body generates an anti-inflammatory response when the therapist inserts this sharp object into the skin and muscle. This has healing power. Another response, known as a localized twitch muscle spasm, deactivates overly sensitized nerves.

Patients generally do not feel the needle moving into the skin and muscle because the device is so thin. When the muscle responds with a spasm, they are likely to feel that. At the first session, this may seem bothersome, but the individual quickly learns that it means a considerable reduction of pain afterward. Patients may feel a little sore afterward where the needle was inserted, and there may be mild bruising. Click here for more details.

For Physical Therapy Topeka KS has practitioners who work in various settings, including in health care environments that offer alternative therapy. This is advantageous for patients who want to include conventional medical doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors in their treatment plan. An example is the Center For Manual Medicine, in which people can participate in a comprehensive therapy program that decreases pain and greatly improves their flexibility and functioning.

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