Fun and Fashionable Eyeglasses in Derby KS

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Health

Eyeglass frames and lenses have improved greatly in the past decade. Limited styles and shapes were offered to those who needed glasses for vision correction. People who had to have major issues corrected were stuck with heavy glass components that further limited choices. Thankfully, those days are long gone, and eyeglasses in Derby KS include hundreds of options from designer frames to advanced thin lenses.

Frames as Fashion

Eyeglasses were once considered unattractive but are now perceived as style accessories. People who have no vision issues are wearing frames to enhance their looks and appear intelligent. Fashion designers and celebrities introduce new lines of frames frequently. Names like Michael Korrs, Sophia Loren, and Calvin Kline appear on frames.

The shapes and sizes vary to accessorize any outfit from casual wear to formal attire. It is easier to fit frames for any facial size and structure. A large square frame will capture attention to the eyes rather than a double chin or fat face. Those who have lost weight will often change frames to smaller ones to accentuate that loss. People with oval faces can select hexagon shapes to balance overall appearance.

Have Fun!

Colorful frames with wild arms are not just for kids anymore. Adults can find fun frames in all colors with wonderful embellishments. Bright yellow frames with flower patterns etched on the sides, purple ones with mother of pearl inlay-ed on them, and multiple colors in one frame are now options for teens and adults. There are no limits imposed on frame choices for eyeglasses in Derby KS.


Exploring lenses is exciting because there are some many coatings, thicknesses, and shapes. People who used to require thick and heavy lenses can have thin and light ones that will fit perfectly into the frame of their choice. Coatings can be added to help with computer glare, night blindness, and sensitivity to sunlight.

Lenses can be concave or convex to provide more surface area from which to see. Bifocal space can be on the sides of the lenses, directly in the middle, or take up a small semicircle at the bottom. Walk in and visit us for more information.

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