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Getting Adjusted To A New Machine

Although using a CPAP machine is fairly easy, there are a few common issues that could arise if you don’t use it properly or if you’re unsure of how to use it to improve your sleep. A CPAP machine Surrey offices can give you is often used to help with obstructive apnea as this occurs when the airway doesn’t have the proper airflow, which can then make it difficult to sleep at night. You might experience issues with not breathing at night if the machine isn’t used properly or issues during the day because of a fitful night’s sleep.

If you feel as though the mask is the wrong size, you can talk to a CPAP machine Surrey office to get another mask that fits securely. It’s important for the mask to be comfortable on your nose and mouth so that it doesn’t pull and tug while you’re and so that you get the proper amount of air at night. Wearing this type of device can take some time to get adjusted to, but if you try to wear it for short periods of time during the day until you are comfortable, then it’s usually easier to wear at night.

Forced air can be difficult to get adjusted to as well. You can set the machine to a low setting until you’re accustomed to the steadier flow of air. Your doctor can also help with adjusting the rate of flow of the air if you’re unable to get it set to the proper level. Keep in mind that the level might need to be adjusted in the future if you experience issues with sleep apnea that become worse. If you have a dry or congested nose when you wake up, then consider putting a humidifier in the room to add moisture to the air while you sleep.