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by | Feb 5, 2016 | Health Care

Worldwide, over four million people have knee arthroscopy each year. The main reason is that arthroscopic surgery is less invasive than traditional procedures. Further, the recovery time is shorter. The surgeon looks inside a joint with the help of a small camera. Many joints are repaired this way including the shoulders, wrists, ankles, and hips. Additionally, orthopedics can repair numerous cartilage issues, along with ACL repairs. Scope surgeries are used after non-invasive methods fail, and before joint replacement.

Patients prefer the procedure because the process is simpler. Orthopedics, who offer Sports Medicine in Montrose, let staff members set things up. The staff works with the hospital, surgeon and patient to find a convenient date. Next, pre-operative tests are set up for the patient. These tests may include blood work and an EKG. Visit Scope Surgery at their website to learn more. Anesthesia choices include:

1. Numbing only the knee (local)
2. Numbing below the waist (regional)
3. general anesthesia (patient is asleep)

Patients who stay awake may be able to watch some of the procedure on a monitor.
The procedure begins when the surgeon makes small incisions in the knee. The knee is filled with a solution that helps the surgeon see the joint better. The arthroscope is inserted and the surgeon is able to view any problems. The orthopedic surgeon uses small instruments like shavers and lasers. Some of the more common repairs include:

1. torn meniscus repair
2. ACL repair
3. trimming loose and uneven cartilage
4. removing synovial tissue

Synovial tissue is located between the joint cavity and joint capsule. This tissue makes fluid that keeps the joint lubricated. Conditions like osteoarthritis damage synovial tissue, and it becomes inflamed. This results in pain and swelling. After the procedure, the area is sutured and covered with a bandage. After patients go home, they are advised to keep their leg elevated. Additionally, patients should not bathe until the surgeon tells them to. The incision area needs to stay dry. Likewise, patients should use crutches so they do not put weight on the area. The recovery period will also include physical therapy at Sports Medicine in Montreal.

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