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Your Guide to Naltrexone for Addiction Treatment

Dealing with the withdrawal symptoms and associated risks of recovering from drug addiction and dependence can be very uncomfortable. Lessening these symptoms can make recovery easier and more successful, but the methods many former addicts attempt to use on their own to do so can lead to relapse. Here, we examine the use of naltrexone for addressing drug withdrawal and aiding in addiction recovery.

What is Naltrexone?

Naltrexone – sold under brand names such as Vivitrol, Revia, and Depade – is a drug created and marketed to relieve the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal and dependency. It works differently in different applications, but the general idea is that it helps patients maintain their sobriety by relieving the overwhelming urge to use their substance of choice.

For alcoholics, naltrexone helps to dampen the urge to drink. For narcotic addicts, the drug works on the opiate receptors in the brain to keep drugs from being effective and to provide decreased feelings of withdrawal symptoms.

Drugs like naltrexone do not cure addiction or completely negate the symptoms of withdrawal. However, they can greatly reduce the occurrence and severity of these, making recovery easier. It is administered or prescribed only to those who have committed to stop drinking and using recreational drugs, as using it in conjunction with these substances over long periods of time can cause serious side effects.

Finding Naltrexone Treatment Near You

Because of its proven efficacy, naltrexone and prescriptions like it are used in many locations to treat addiction. Both hospital and clinical settings make use of the drug to relieve the acute symptoms of withdrawal and make recovery feasible for patients that might not have the option otherwise.

For more information about Fort Lauderdale naltrexone treatment, talk to the staff at your nearest addiction recovery center. They can guide you through the process of withdrawal and recovery and help you select the methods and approaches that are right for you.