Helpful Tips to Ensure Your Child’s Heart Remains Healthy

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Health

As a parent, you have a huge responsibility to help your child grow up to be happy and healthy. While your child doctor in San Diego will help with this, as well, there are some tips you can use to help keep your child’s heart healthy during their formative years. One of the best ways to promote heart health is by getting your entire family involved.

When you child sees you eating properly and exercising regularly, then they will follow suit. Some other tips to help you maintain a child’s heart health can be found here.

Keep Physically Active

One of the best things you can do to protect your child’s heart health is to remain active. Play with your kids, take bike rides together or go for walks. You can even go swimming and just play games. The goal is to remain as active as possible and spend as little time in front of the television or electronic devices as possible.

Remain Positive

Getting and staying healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. If you make it fun, your child will enjoy it. Try to make heart health fun by implementing games into a family walk or other activities. Also, make sure to celebrate success in order to promote great self-esteem and give your child a sense of accomplishment. Your child doctor in San Diego may be able to help you come up with new ideas to do this, as well.

Reduce Salt Intake

Try to avoid large amounts of processed foods and keep salt off the dinner table. Make sure you stay aware of how much salt your child is eating, since this can be extremely dangerous for your child’s heart.

You and your child doctor in San Diego can also work on a play to help improve heart health further for your child, too. This will ensure your child remains healthy and happy.

Learn more about keeping your child’s heart healthy by visiting the Children’s Primary Care Medical Group website.

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