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Home Sweet Home

Everybody remember this one “There’s no place like home.” It is the truth; there is nothing like being away and then coming home to all of your familiar belongings and treasures, and yes your memories. These are all the same things that will help keep seniors’ minds and bodies sharp, clear, and active. It helps them to continue to live a full and active life by going out with friends, family dinners, and keeping up with their normal daily routine. Senior home care services in Monterey CA keep help keep you active.

One Big Reason – It Is Cheaper

Many older Americans are at the point where they own their home free and clear or are down to a smaller monthly payment. If you look at this in comparison to an estimated monthly fee of $5000 for assisted living or $9000 for a nursing then the decision become much clearer and easier. It would be much friendlier on your budget to hire home care services to meet the needs you have and you will only be paying for what you need when you need it.

Stay Close to Your Friends

You have friends, family and neighbors that you have known for years and you are close to. Leaving them would be devastating to you and them as well. You are part of your neighborhood; you may still be active at the school where your children went or volunteer at your church. These are things that make your life fulfilling. You definitely do not want to have to move and leave your favorite diner behind or the ice cream stand where you and your best girls meet up and act like teens once a week. With VNA’s Home Health Care services you won’t have to give any of these up. They have been helping people just like you remain in their own home for over 50 years. Check out their website to see what they offer.