How Can We Maximize OR Efficiency?

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Suture Needle

Successful surgery is the key to saving a life, changing a life, and getting life back on track. But, to ensure the chances of performing a successful surgery are at their greatest, the operating room needs to be running as efficiently as possible.

To maximize OR efficiency there are several things hospitals ought to be concentrating on; Scheduling of cases – making sure that cases are set up to be in the best order, keeping in mind the staff who are available at what times, difficulty of surgeries, equipment required, preparation, induction, and recovery from anesthesia, and turnaround time of the OR, patient to patient. When ORs are inefficiently managed there is a good chance there will be case cancellations and long patient waiting lists, which can potentially mean the difference between life and death. Many of the above scheduling issues can be aided with a more modern digital scheduling board.

Is scheduling the only issue?

Another way you can maximize OR efficiency is to minimize the chance of injury that could be common in the operating room, such as needlestick. A quarter of all percutaneous injuries happen in the operating theater and the most frequent of those is needlestick. Closely following the guidelines set out in the Needlestick Safety And Prevention Act can massively reduce the risk of needlestick injuries. In particular, you should be utilizing the new technology that is being created, designed specifically to reduce the chances of being involved in a needlestick injury.

To find out more about maximizing OR efficiency and some of the technologies available visit Sharp Fluidics today.

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