How Long Does It Take for a Strained Neck Muscle to Heal?

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Pain Management

Are you suffering from neck pain? Pain can occur in this area of the body for a range of reasons; it is always a good idea to be checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible. Going to an urgent care clinic is a good idea, whether you have been in a car accident, injured your neck playing sports, or through some other means. One of the most common types of injuries to the neck is a neck strain.

This occurs when there is an injury to the tendons and muscles of the neck, which are used to support the head. Some of the most common symptoms of strain to the neck include pain along with a reduced range of motion. It can be very difficult to turn the head and doing so can cause even more pain. It can quickly become hard to function and to concentrate. In some cases, the pain could radiate to other areas of the back.

If you are suffering from neck strain, or you believe you are suffering from this type of injury, you will want to speak with a medical professional. They can examine you and let you know if it is a strain or another injury. They may give you an x-ray or a CT scan and perform other types of tests to determine the extent of the injury that is causing the neck pain.

Treating the Problem and Healing
The doctors will provide you with a plan to help heal the neck strain and get you back to feeling normal. They are often going to tell you to get rest and take it easy with physical activity and work. Also, they may tell you to apply heat to the area occasionally to deal with the symptoms of pain you are experiencing. They may also recommend a cervical collar.

The exact amount of time that it will take to heal is going to depend on a range of issues. This will include the condition and health of the patient, along with the severity of the injury. In many mild cases, the neck strain could heal within three to six weeks. However, if the strain is severe, it could take up to several months to heal properly.

When you visit a doctor at Injury Care Centers in Jacksonville, FL for neck pain, they can provide full evaluation and let you know the best course of action for the fastest healing.

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