How the Mind Affects Bodily Health

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Health

There are many treatments for various diseases, but one of the lesser explored factors to health is the link between mind and body. This is even though there exists a clear connection between the brain and physical wellness. This is different, of course, from being told that an illness is “all in your head”; instead, this method of looking at how your mind affects your body isn’t condescending, and doesn’t belittle your emotions.

This method, often related to alternative medicine and holistic healing, is called Ayurvedic medicine, which explores the links between the balance within the body and its relationship with other aspects of an individual’s life, such as their connections, emotional well-being, and stress levels.

But in line with Ayurvedic medicine’s mantra, how does mind affect the body? Here are a few perspectives to consider:


A clear link between mind and body is the stress we have. Anxiety is triggered by external factors but often internalized by individuals. For example, if you overthink, it’s likely that you’ll start getting stressed out, even if there are no physical ailments at present. Stress has led to many illnesses, including high blood pressure and heart problems.

Personal Relationships

Another factor to look into is the personal relationships an individual has with other people. Personal relationships can either be a trigger for happiness or more stress, so it’s something to watch out for. In turn, personal relationships can also be affected when the individual is out of touch with their internal harmony. This can lead to fights, misunderstandings, and other problems.

Overall Happiness and Contentment

A personalized health regime is bound to help your overall happiness and contentment with life. This is because if you keep your body healthy, your mind naturally follows. This is a balance that cannot be denied for all types of people.

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