Judgment Problems Indicating the Need for Alzheimer’s Care in Melbourne, FL

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Assisted Living

Many families try to keep loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease residing at home, but eventually, these individuals often need extra care and supervision. The disorder has a significant negative effect on short-term memory and judgment, which can make living at home unsafe. A residential community providing Alzheimer’s care in Melbourne, FL is an effective solution.

Reduced Reasoning Capabilities

While people most commonly associate memory issues with Alzheimer’s, problems with judgment sometimes are the initial symptoms. It becomes difficult for these individuals to make appropriate decisions because their reasoning capabilities are reduced. As the disease progresses, they may benefit from moving to a community offering compassionate and respectful Alzheimer’s care in Melbourne, FL.

Financial Issues

For example, someone with the disorder might become careless about paying bills and spend too much money at stores. This person may realize a bill is due but delay paying it in favor of buying a cart full of treats and soda. A compulsion to fill cabinets with food and never use it could be a signal to adult children that a cognitive problem has developed. Unusual monetary donations and excessive purchasing of lottery tickets may be signs of judgment issues.

Other Unusual Behavior

Families and close friends may notice other odd behavior. The person might drive and run out of gas, not recognizing that the gauge has reached empty. Emotional filters could be diminished, leading to behavior such as angry outbursts while waiting in line at a store or disputing information from a bank teller.

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