Learning About Birth Control In Jackson, MI

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Health

A doctor of obstetrics and gynecology has a busy practice. Gynecologists focus their practice on the health of the reproductive system. On the other hand, obstetricians take care of the reproductive system, including the fetus, when a woman is pregnant. This treatment continues until the baby is born. Obstetricians are on call 24-hours a day. Women do not visit an ob-gyn until they are sexually active or have a medical issue. Indeed, some women are anxious about their first gynecological exam. Initially, patients fill out questionnaires about their medical history.

The doctor wants to know about previous pregnancies, including miscarriages and stillbirths. Further, patients should inform the doctor about health concerns that may affect a pregnancy. For example, women with diabetes and high blood pressure have added concerns if they were to get pregnant. Next, the doctor examines the pelvic area and uses a speculum to check the cervix. A tiny bit of cervical tissue is taken to run a PAP smear. The PAP smear tests for cancer and other conditions. During the exam, patients discuss Birth Control in Jackson MI, with the doctor. There are many different types of birth control.

The doctor helps a woman decide what Birth Control in Jackson MI, fits into her lifestyle. For instance, women with certain health concerns should not use birth control pills. Likewise, women who do not plan on having children may want something long-term. Interestingly, there are implants placed in the arm that prevent pregnancy for three years. Women First Health takes the same care with pregnant patients.

Women learn a lot at the first prenatal visit including a due date. High-risk patients may get to see the baby. Doctors like to do ultrasounds on women 35 and above. Also, the nurse logs the mother’s starting weight. The visit also includes a pelvic exam so the doctor can feel the uterus. A urine sample is taken to check for signs of protein. This can be an indicator of preeclampsia. The most important thing that takes place is the doctor getting to know the patient. A trusting relationship with the doctor is key to a successful pregnancy.

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