Medical Supplies in Henderson, NV: Better Knee Brace Use and Care

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Medical Store

Follow the instructions when a doctor or therapist recommends a knee brace. Knee injuries take time to heal and some effort to overcome. A knee support can be a very important part of the recovery. Familiarity with the product will help to make it more comfortable and can extend the life of the brace to save you money.

Order Recommended Braces

Medical Supplies in Henderson NV include more than one type of brace, so make certain to buy the type recommended for the injury. Do not look for a less-expensive style or shop for used braces. Comfort and effectiveness will depend on the use of the correct brace. If an insurer will pay for the brace, ask about a spare or pay for it with cash so one is always available when the other is in the laundry.

Wear as Directed

Medical supplies recommended by a doctor or therapist will come with certain instructions. The patient may need the brace throughout the day or only when performing certain types of physical activities. Understand the instructions and follow them exactly for a faster recovery and to avoid injury.

Avoid any Discomfort

An uncomfortable brace is either the wrong type or not worn correctly. Discomfort can cause new injuries to the knee or lead to skin irritation. Over-correction when walking due to pain from the brace could cause leg, back, or hip pain.

Slide the brace over bare skin and center it so the hole is at the center of the knee cap. Adjust the straps so the brace fits snugly but does not pinch the skin or affect circulation. Compression pants or hose under the brace can help if brace slippage occurs. The thin layer of fabric will help to keep the brace in place and prevent friction.

Keep Brace Clean

A clean brace lasts longer, smells better, and helps to avoid infections and rashes. Hand wash the gear in a mild detergent and cold water and allow it to air dry. Do not wear the brace until it is fully dry. Wash it every three or four days if inactive and more often for active lifestyles.

It is possible to find convenient, high-quality Medical Supplies in Henderson NV. How well they perform, however, depends on the user. Wear a knee brace properly and stay in contact with the medical professional that recommended the brace.

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