Why You Are Not the Only Couple Seeking Premarital Counseling

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Health

Before you get married, you will partake in many conversations that concern the actual marriage ceremony and the wedding reception afterward. You may devote so much time to this one specific day of your life, that you may never take the time to discuss your feelings and opinions about the next 20, 30 or 40 years. The benefits of premarital therapy may have escaped you in the past but may provide you with many advantages in the future.

Your Life Will Change Dramatically

When the world rushes past you too quickly, and you need to find time to talk together about money, children, where you will live and how you will plan your future, there is a great opportunity to learn more about communication as you discuss the benefits of premarital therapy.

You will change from thinking about yourself to rational thoughts about both of you and perhaps, a future extended family. When you meet with your premarital counselor, you will have the opportunity to relax and contemplate all the issues that will affect you after you are married.

You may have completely different backgrounds, having arrived from different countries and cultures where the way in which each partner treats their spouse may be extremely different.

Of the benefits of premarital therapy, talking about children may be involved in the discussion. You may have different ideas about how they are to be educated, whether they should be sent away to school, college or an Academy.

The key element is to open channels of conversation where you can discuss everything that may affect your lives from the day you are married. You are not expected to make decisions about every stage of your life now, but you will develop skills that will help you realize when you should make time for a full discussion so that you can make decisions before they become problems.

Discussing how often you will visit the in-laws, what you will call them and the roles you expect them to play within your marriage and towards your children, will need to be decided on so that you can present yourselves as united.

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