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by | Aug 14, 2023 | Health

Pain is a common condition that nearly everyone has experienced at one time or another. When it involves areas such as the spine, it can be more critical and demanding due to the fragile nature of the spine. However, experts have developed various spinal pain management techniques to help individuals deal with their pain.

Below is a deeper look at these techniques as well as prevention tips.

How to tell that you’re experiencing spinal pain

Sometimes, its possible to experience spinal pain without realizing that it’s the cause. This makes managing pain difficult. Understanding spinal pain’s signs and symptoms enables you to take bolder steps toward managing it. Some common ways to know that you’re experiencing spinal pain are simple. For example, if you’re feeling unusual discomfort around your back or difficulty standing up or moving around due to neck or back stiffness.

Minimized ability to twist or bend your back as you normally do, signifies a spinal problem. Other signs of spinal pain include numbness of legs or arms, pain aggravation when sneezing or coughing, and tension of muscles surrounding the spine. Sometimes, spinal pain may not be revealed through these signs, but something like a sudden change in posture is a call for immediate action. See your physician for an examination and information about pain management.

What Are the Various Types of Spinal Pains?

The intensity or area of concentration characterizes various types of spinal pain. The most common spinal pain is in the lower back (lumbago), followed by neck pain, sciatica (along the sciatic nerve), herniated disc pain, spondylolisthesis (slipped vertebra), and scoliosis (curved spine). Despite their differences, all forms of spinal pain require management.

Various Spinal Pain Management Strategies

Often, people think spinal pain management refers to treating a prevailing spinal issue, while, in fact is isn’t. Preventing pain from occurring in the first place is the first step in spinal pain management. Controlling or reducing the chances of spinal pain is done through a variety of interventions. Some basic spinal pain management strategies include:

  • Physical exercise is the most popular and easiest way of protecting the spine. While you may still have some minor pain due to age and other factors, the intensity of the pain will be reduced.
  • You can engage a spinal pain management in Fort Washington MD to equip you with information and preventive measures.
  • Taking pain medicines strictly targeting the spine and surrounding areas would be a great way of managing spinal pain but only with a recommendation of your physician or physiotherapist.
  • Various interventional spinal pain procedures, such as occasional spinal cord stimulation, joint injections, and nerve blocks, can manage spinal pain and are offered by a medical professional.
  • Lastly, you can manage spinal pain by adopting or modifying your lifestyle to reduce the chances of its occurrence. Some ideal lifestyle transformations include reducing stress, eating healthy foods, and–as stated earlier–exercising regularly.

Final Thoughts

Spinal pain is manageable, especially when you have adopted the appropriate methods. Hopefully, the above will be of benefit to you as you seek to manage or treat spinal pain. If you’re based in Fort Washington MD, you can look for reputable pain management facilities such as Synergy Spine and Pain Center for further information and support.

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