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Pain Relief is Available at the Ankle Care Clinic in Racine, WI

An Ankle Care Clinic in Racine WI, may be what people need to stop the stiffness and pain that is keeping them from having the active life they dream about. While a lot of attention is given to the feet, the discomfort of ankle pain can be just as debilitating and have nearly as many causes for the pain. Luckily, there are also many methods that can help ankles to heal and strengthen.

Ankles are at risk for sprains and breaks, and any injury that leads to pain, bruising, or swelling is cause for concern. Alternating ice and heat and keeping the foot elevated are good first aid treatments, but only an x-ray and professional exam can determine the extent of the injury the ankle has received. Too often people attempt to walk it off and can cause additional damage to their weakened ankle that can lengthen the time needed for a full recovery.

Consistent pain and swelling without injury could be a sign of arthritis. This is often overlooked in the ankles, because people will place the blame on their shoes, from walking too much or a number of other reasons. Like any arthritis, a cure is not available, but helpful treatments that can ease the discomfort, reduce the swelling, and increase movement in the joint is possible. Even if the disease has not been previously diagnosed, and no other joint pain is present, do not ignore intermittent, recurring ankle pain.

Additional conditions often have joint pain and swelling as one of their symptoms. These can include gout and degenerative joint diseases. By contacting an Ankle Care Clinic in Racine WI, the patient can get a clear diagnosis of the problem. They can work with their medical team to develop a therapy and treatment program that can make walking and applying pressure to the ankle much easier. These programs will often help to reduce the impact disease has on the joints and help slow any progression.

Click here to learn more about good ankle health and the types of conditions and injuries that can harm the feet and the ankles. Numerous answers are available for any type of problem, and preventative care is also possible. Find out more today by scheduling an exam and a consultation.