How to Pick Adult Day Services for Your Parents

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Health

You want the best care for your parents. If you’re tired and need help, seeking outside care can be a difficult decision, in more ways than one. You’ll need to weight a lot of factors to figure out which option will work best for your parents. Here are a few things you should know before you look at adult day services in Philadelphia.

Know what to expect

These are services for elderly loved ones who are unable to care for themselves at home, The Oklahoman says. Some of the services you can expect include personal care, meal preparation, and entertaining activities. Some provide medication management, therapies, exercises, transportation to and from the facility. In these daycare facilities, seniors can engage in various social activities without any worries.

Check out advanced services

Aside from transportation assistance, some of the adult day services in Philadelphia may also offer counseling sessions along with training programs and even evening or weekend care. Determine the services you need so you can pick out which daycare is ideal for your parents.

Let your parents know

Let your parents and other family members know. It’s important that you make them a part of the process. Consult with your parents’ physician as well. Work together as a family to decide which options will work best and what kind of financial considerations you’ll need to factor in if you pick a daycare center.

Read reviews

Before you pick a facility, go online and check out reviews about the center. Are there plenty of good reviews or a lot of bad ones? These reviews can help you steer clear of dodgy facilities.

Know the staff to client ratio

If there are too many patients assigned to one staff member, then that may not be the ideal place for your parents. Look elsewhere.

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