Primary Care in McKinney TX is First Resource for Healthcare Services

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Health Care

Primary care is the term used for first-resource healthcare services. It is the umbrella term for healthcare prevention, wellness and treatments. When looking for primary care in McKinney, TX, the reason could be to establish a healthcare history at the same medical facility or to address an injury or illness. What you may not realize is that a walk in clinic offers both primary care and urgent care.

Primary Care is Continuity of Care

Though primary care clinics have been around for years, there is a tendency to think of them as delivering non-emergency care or urgent care, like a low-level emergency room with a limited list of healthcare issues it addresses. The truth is a walk-in clinic may offer primary care where you can establish a medical history and a long-term relationship with medical professionals. If you need primary care in McKinney, TX, look beyond the offices of a Primary Doctor or Pediatrician to the local walk in and urgent care clinic that offers continuity of care.

Primary Care Includes Many Healthcare Services

Primary care in McKinney, TX, includes various services beyond treating common injuries or illnesses. Even if delivered at a clinic for urgent care in McKinney, TX, primary care includes various prevention and wellness services for adults, children and adolescents. They include wellness checkups, vaccinations, ongoing care for chronic conditions, occupational screenings, IV therapy for dehydration, school physicals and more. If you establish a continuing relationship with a primary care facility, the clinic has your healthcare information readily available should you need urgent care in McKinney, TX, one day.

CommunityMed Family Urgent Care delivers primary care in McKinney, TX, and urgent care healthcare services. You can find more information about all the services at

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