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Recovering from Laser Eye Surgery? 10 Eye Care Essentials

Recovery from a laser eye surgery needs proper eye care in Jacksonville FL. Here are some essential things to help yours:

  • Talk to your doctor about proper guidelines and tips. If you have any special conditions, your doctor will let you know.
  • After the surgery, remember not to take a shower until a day after.
  • When you do take one, wear protective eyewear so your eyes are kept safe from potential irritants that could cause infection.
  • Wear protective eyewear whenever you must venture outside your home. If you’re going to encounter dirty or dusty environments along the way, you’ll need to keep your eyes protected.
  • Don’t start driving until after you receive the go-signal from your doctor. Temporary side-effects like blurred vision or glare could make this difficult, even dangerous for you. It would be better to have someone take you home from the facility on the day of the surgery.
  • Wear the protective goggles while you sleep during the first week. You could end up rubbing your eyes even when you’re asleep and that could lead to infection. With those goggles on, you won’t have to worry that this would happen, says WebMD. It’s a helpful preventive measure.
  • If you’re used to wearing eye make-up, you’ll need to give yourself a rest there. Avoid putting them on for at least a week – if not, longer. Ask your doctor if you want to make sure.
  • When you do finally start wearing eye make-up, it would be better if you no longer use partly used or open products. This will prevent any likely risks of infection.
  • Don’t tire yourself out. Proper eye care in Jacksonville FL is about rest. That means no exercise for at least two days after the surgery.
  • Wear your sunnies whenever you have to go outside. Harsh sunlight could cause scarring so keep your eyes protected from that much brightness with sunnies.

Heed these tips for a faster and problem-free recovery.