Schaumburg, Illinois Clinic Provides COVID Testing and Reports

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Healthcare

COVID, according to the CDC, hasn’t just gone away. It’s here to stay, like the common cold, and it will rear up multiple times and in multiple variants for years to come. That said, if you live in the Schaumburg, IL area, you can get a free COVID vaccination in Bridgeport right now, no waiting. Considering the difficulties that occur with COVID shot shortages, it’s good to know where you can get a vaccination shot. The same clinic that provides the free COVID vaccination in Bridgeport also provides other COVID services.

COVID Reports

Keeping accurate records of a potentially lethal disease is all part of the day’s work for this clinic. Their daily reports are sent to local news and the CDC to help track infections and infection rates of new variants. In turn, the public is well-informed of the disease and how it is currently spreading.

Treatments for COVID

Antivirals are key in reducing the symptoms of COVID. Several treatment options help patients suffering from COVID symptoms make choices about their health and which way to go for treatment. The most positive impact has been the medication COVID patients can take in the very early stages of the illness, which then prevents the illness from progressing to a nastier and more unpleasant level of illness. The clinic not only provides testing for COVID, but also treatments for patients who are diagnosed with COVID.

If you would like to know more about these services and the clinic that provides them, contact Prism Vaccinations and Health Lab Schaumburg via

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