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See Why Men and Women in New Jersey No Longer Worry about Hair Loss

Don’t allow yourself to be another hair loss statistic. Find out the facts about hair restoration in New Jersey and learn about the hair transplantation methods available now. Click the link below to complete your online consultation and determine if you are a good candidate for one of these hair transplant procedures.

Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss in adult males usually begins in the late teens. Although hair loss may start earlier, about 30 percent of males experience hair loss by age 30.

Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women usually begins in the center of the scalp and spreads outwards. About 40 percent of women see hair loss by age 40.

The Two Kinds of Hair Transplant Procedures

Modern hair transplantation methods use existing hair roots from a donor area in the back of the head. The two procedures are:

1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a sutureless hair restoration method.

2. Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT) involves the technique of harvesting healthy hair-bearing skin from the scalp and transplanting it to an area of hair loss.

The main difference between the FUE method of hair transplant and FUT is the method of extracting the hair. Though it will depend on the patient and the amount of hair transplanted, a FUT hair transplant typically takes less time than the FUE method.

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